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Client:    Dana Ramon



Land Surveyors:                                 Peter Nolan & Associates LLC

                                                            27 Newton Street

                                                            Newton, MA 02458



For the following:                               22 Russell Street, Brookline MA





         1.  Field Work - Topographic 

A topographic survey of the site will be performed. Detail will be collected across the front of the property within the street right-of-way. The detail collected will encompass the location of topographic and planimetric surface features within the limits of the survey. Physical verification of subsurface utilities is included within this scope of work, including storm water and sewer manholes within and adjacent to the site, which will be opened to obtain invert and pipe data. Surface evidence of utilities will be collected in the field and used to approximate their subsurface location. A licensed Land Surveyor will perform this work.


         2.  Field Work - Boundary


Necessary research will be performed at the city offices and at the county registry of deeds. A survey control traverse will be established along the perimeter of the project. This control traverse will be used to locate recovered right-of-way and property line monumentation as well as site detail. Horizontal control will be referenced to local monumentation recovered in the course of the survey. Any existing structures on the property will be located as part of this phase.


             3.  Boundary Plan


A boundary plan of the property will be prepared based on the results of the fieldwork. This boundary plan will show the existing structures on the site in relation to the property boundary. The topographic/utility information from 1 above will be added to the plan.


              4.  Field Work – Monumentation


Record corners that are set, established, or replaced will be mounumented by material chosen by client (rebar, wood stake, iron pipe etc.). All monuments will be appropriately marked.


In the event the survey indicates possible title problems or that monumenting the record corner will cause a dispute, surveyor will inform client in writing and will defer setting any monument that may cause conflict until written instructions are received from client.




            SERVICE ITEM I:

Our fee for this work will be a fixed fee of  xxx hundred ($ xxx) dollars. We will not exceed this total fee without prior written authorization from the Client.

A $xxx deposit is required at commencement of Service Item I.

            Final payment ($xxx) is due upon submission of plans to client.

 Time frame for Service Item I will be approximately 5 days.



Land Surveyor:                                                                                    Client:

 Peter Nolan                                     


 Peter Nolan B.Sc. P.L.S (Proprietor)                        ______________________                                                  

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DATE 10/25/11